Setting up tracking and visitor statistics in WordPress

Learn with this article how to integrate visitor statistics into your WordPress blog - More info in the WordPress Tutorial from

With website analysis tools such as Matomo and Google Analytics, you can analyze the traffic to your website. With appropriate plugins you are then able to display the analyses directly in your WordPress Dashboard. The following articles explain how to integrate Google Analytics and Matomo.

Integrate Google Analytics into WordPress

Where do the visitors come from? How long are you staying? Sooner or later, these and other questions will arise for every website operator. You can find out these things with Analytic Tools. If you use a content management system, there is in most cases a plugin that you can install to use Google Analytics.

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Integrate Matomo (Piwik) into WordPress

Matomo doesn't tell you? But then maybe Piwik - because that's what Matomo used to be called. This is a very good alternative to Google Analytics. Due to the possibility to store the data on your own server, this tool is more data protection compliant than Google Analytics.

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The most important key figures

One of the most exciting questions after starting a blog is about development. How many people visit my website at all, how long do they stay, which posts run well and which ones may not be popular at all. In short: Is my blog successful?

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