What are WordPress themes?

Learn everything about designing your WordPress blog with themes and design templates - More info in the WordPress Tutorial from checkdomain.net

WordPress themes are design templates for WordPress blogs. The themes determine the appearance of the entire WordPress website and can be managed centrally in the WordPress backend. There are many free and paid WordPress themes that can be installed via the backend or FTP. By separating design and content, it is possible to display the same content with a different theme, i.e. a different design.

WordPress Theme Administration

WordPress themes are administered centrally in the theme administration. In the backend you will find the theme management under the menu item "Design" and there under the sub-item "Themes".

Theme management in WordPress backend
Theme management in WordPress backend

The WordPress version 5 already comes with four themes:

  • Twenty Nineteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Fifteen

The theme named "Twenty Nineteen" is the most recent theme, the other themes work as well, but are a bit older and may have problems with the latest plugins and widgets

WordPress Theme Preview

Each theme can be tested with a "live preview". To do this, simply go to a theme with the mouse. A corresponding button "Live Preview" will appear. If you click on the button, the selected theme opens with the current contents in preview mode.

Test another theme in preview mode
Test another theme in preview mode

This preview mode lets you toggle between different device views (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) to see how pages behave on different devices.

There are two features in the upper left corner: First, you can activate and publish the theme directly from here, or select and test other themes:

Activate theme or select another theme
Activate theme or select another theme

If you click on "Change", you can choose between the installed themes and the themes on WordPress.org. If you click on WordPress.org themes, you will get an overview of the available themes::

Themes on WordPress.org
Themes on WordPress.org

When the above screenshot was taken, there was a choice of more than 3,000 themes. For a little more overview, a filter function is available in the upper right corner, where you can sort the themes according to various filter criteria

Filter options for theme selection
Filter options for theme selection

As soon as you click on a filter, the search result changes. If you click on the "Install and Preview" button for a theme, the theme will be downloaded and displayed in the live preview

As long as you do not click on "Activate and Publish", your design will not change in the frontend. Click on the "x" in the upper left corner to return to your theme management. The additionally installed themes are now also displayed in the theme manager.

Theme management with all installed themes
Theme management with all installed themes

Delete WordPress Themes

We always advise you to keep only the most necessary data in order to use the storage space of your hosting environment as efficiently as possible and not to clog it with unnecessary ballast. To delete a theme you don't need, proceed as follows: In the Theme Manager, go with the mouse to a theme, then click on "Theme Details". A new window will open with more details about the selected theme:

Theme Details
Theme Details

At the bottom right is a button or link for deleting the theme. Click on the delete button. After a confirmation prompt, the theme will be deleted and will no longer appear in your theme management.

What are the advantages of WordPress themes?

The short excursion into the WordPress Theme world has already shown some advantages of this technology:

  • Due to the design specifications in the themes, all pages look uniform, the authors only have to take care of the text, not the design.
  • Themes can be changed quickly. You can use the preview function to view the themes without having to activate them.
  • There is a large selection of attractive themes that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • You don't have to be a web designer to publish an attractive WordPress page
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