Setting up themes and designs in WordPress

How to set up themes and design templates in your WordPress blog - More info in the WordPress Tutorial from

Wordpress themes are design templates with which you can define the appearance of your WordPress page. Themes consist of several page templates and content elements that you can use to create attractive layouts. The following pages explain the basics of installing and using themes.

Install themes

Themes are simply installed via the dashboard and activated, how easy this works is shown in this article.

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Free WordPress Themes

There are numerous free templates for WordPress. This article shows you the most important sources for free WordPress themes.

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WordPress Premium Themes

Can I get you a little more? With Premium Themes, you often get a large number of additional design elements, such as tables, forms or icons, in addition to an attractive design. In this article we show you the best sources for WordPress Premium themes.

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Problems after the theme update

The change to a new theme is not always without problems. This article tells you what to do if a change of theme fails.

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