Why checkdomain?

Why us? Because we are not satisfied until our customers are - until you are. We love doing what we do and the nearly unlimited possibilities offered by the Internet inspire us every day . It is our goal to pass this enthusiasm on to our customers and enable them to achieve great things online. That's why we are constantly adapting and improving our products and why we put so much emphasis on providing Fantastic Support.

Fantastic Support

We are fond of our customers. That is why we don't like call centers but rather take your calls personally. At checkdomain there is no 2nd tier support - all our Fantastic Supporters are professionals and able to solve the most complex problems you might face when building your online presence. And they always do this not only friendly but always nordic relaxed. Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter or chat - get in touch with us!

We love technology.

Especially when it's up to date. That is why we change our servers regularly and care for our hard- and software to always be state-of-the-art. Therefore, our servers are not only reliable but lighting-fast as well. This is also the reason why we can offer unlimited bandwidth to all our customers whilst at the same time guaranteeing a high performance for all sites.

Renewable energy

As servers are running 24/7 they need lots of energy. If the internet would be a country its energy consumption would actually be the sixth largest in the world. That's why we at checkdomain try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible by using energy efficient hardware and running our servers with renewable energy only. Because we love our environment. A lot!

We are fair.

Fine print, hidden fees or nasty surprises - Not at checkdomain. Our products cost the price that is shown on the website and they offer the features shown. No more, no less. We do that because we don't like spending our time with customers who are rightly mad at us.

We play it safe.

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when running a website. By far the worst is probably losing your data or being hacked. To avoid this checkdomain has a cleverly devised security system. Over 100 different virus scanners are constantly checking your files for malware. Speaking of your files: they are of course backed up automatically at different points in time. We also offer free SSL certificates and DDoS protection for all our customers.

We make things simple.

Creating a website is complex? We think it should be really easy. That's why at checkdomain we're constantly working on ideas that enable you to get your sites online faster and easier. At checkdomain you don't have to fiddle with complicated name server settings to connect your domain to external services. You just turn a switch to use it with Wix, Gmail, Tumblr, Jimdo or many other famous services. You want to install your own software on a hosting plan? We got you covered. Using our one-click installer you can install WordPress, Drupal and 80 other apps in a matter on seconds. Easy enough?

Anything else?

Sure! We want to be the best. And we want to have the best offer for our customers. Since more than 15 years the checkdomain-team shares its passion for technology with its customers. During this time we did not only grow the company but also the range of products that we offer. So today you can register over 740 different top level domains at checkdomain - probably the biggest offer in the Internet.

Quality & Innovation

The internet is constantly evolving. What used to be AltaVista is now Google and where people used Netscape they know use Firefox. checkdomain is still around though because we always try to evolve alongside the current technology trends. We keep the future in sight and are constantly improving both our website and our servers. Whilst doing so it is most important for us to test new features and technologies extensively until everything runs perfectly. After all, you are our customers and not our guinea pigs!