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Whois Protection
  • Provides reliable protection against domain-spam-mails
  • Possible for all domain extensions
  • Also subsequently activated
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What is domain privacy?

When you register a domain on the Internet, your personal data is automatically entered in a public directory, the so-called Whois directory, and can be viewed by everyone. Unfortunately, this is often used by spammers and hackers to create mailing lists.

As a result, many domain owners receive unwanted phone calls and spam mails through their published data. We at checkdomain believe that your identity is only our concern and protect you from misuse of your data by making your e-mail address and telephone number anonymous.

In domain data protection, we replace your personal e-mail address and telephone number in the public Whois directory with a CAPTCHA-secured e-mail address, which is individually generated by us. To ensure that trusting customers and business partners can still contact you, we will automatically forward serious contact requests to your e-mail address. For a list of the domain extensions for which you can make a private registration, click herehere.

How we protect your personal information

Public WHOIS information accessible to the public WITHOUT Domain Data Protection

Ohne Whois Protection
  • E-Mail address not protected against spam
  • No protection against annoying contact requests by phone
  • Scammers can see personal data
  • Full publication of the personal data

Publicly available WHOIS information WITH domain data protection

Mit Whois Protection
  • Prevents domain-based email spam
  • We pass on serious contacts to you
  • Protection against data abuse
  • Email address and phone number are made anonymous


More anonymity, less spam

Your private E-Mail and phone number are visible and not in the public WHOIS directory just for us.

Only serious contact requests

We keep from annoying questions and forward still serious contacts directly to you by email.

Simple and affordable

Activate the protection of your personal data directly when purchasing a domain for only €0.69/month.

Protection against data abuse

Keep your data under lock and key and prevent identity theft by fraudsters and hackers.

  • 1 Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)

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In the "land register of the Internet" the respective contact data of the domain holder are stored for all domains is deposited. The Whois directory is publicly accessible and accessible to everyone. The display of the personal data enables direct contact to be made with the person in charge of a domain. The entry in the Whois directory is prescribed by ICANN and is done automatically with registration of the domain.

Your personal data including e-mail address and telephone number are publicly accessible to everyone in the Whois directory. Spammers and mail bots often use these entries to create mailing lists for email spam or phone lists for annoying marketing calls. With the private domain registration we protect your most sensitive data as domain owner. Your e-mail address and telephone number will be removed from the public Whois directory and replaced by CAPTCHA-secured data from checkdomain. Of course, you remain the legal owner of the domain and retain all rights around the domain - only your data is now anonymized.

If you activate the private domain registration for a domain, your personal e-mail address will be removed and an individual CAPTCHA-secured e-mail address will be replaced. If you receive messages via this e-mail address, the following process starts: All mails sent by the registry of your domain will be automatically forwarded to your e-mail address. All requests from other senders will first receive an automatic reply mail from our system, if the CAPTCHA contained in it is solved, this e-mail will be forwarded to you. delinquent Attempts to contact us or spam mails are thus blocked directly by our system.

You can activate the private domain registration for existing domains of your domain portfolio at any time via the customer area. Please note that your personal information may have been sent to spam mailing lists during the period when the private registration was disabled. It is therefore possible that you may still receive spam mails or telephone calls for advertising purposes.

We can provide this service for all domain extensions offered by us.

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