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Console games, knitting instructions, vegan cooking, fixing cars: If you search the net, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for. There's hardly a topic left for which there's no blog to help you with experience reports, tutorials and tips. That doesn't make the start any easier for bloggers in spe. About what should one still write if all topics are already occupied? The solution is: Find your personal niche. Research and analysis tools help you to find promising topics. This article will give you tips on how to find the right topic for your new blog.

Why concentrate on one topic at all?

Of course, you can also offer a colourful themed mix shop and hope that many people will be interested in this mix. But these "From my life" blogs already exist in rough quantities. To assert oneself there against the competition often already for years writing, might become difficult. If you really blog for the fun of writing and don't care how many people read along, that's no problem. But if you're targeting a larger readership or starting a blog with the prospect of earning money with it, you need a specific topic to be interesting for advertisers, sponsors and the target group.

A further plus point is that the concentration on a topic provides more discipline in writing: You don't get lost in a myriad of possibilities, but choose the topics for your texts from a manageable field. The more you familiarize yourself with a topic over time, the faster you will notice new developments that can be reported on in the blog.

Search topics with Google Suggest

The 'automatic completion' makes Google a good supplier for blog topic ideas.
The "automatic completion" makes Google a good supplier for blog topic ideas.

One of the easiest ways to discover your personal topic niche is to use Google's answer suggestions. Just enter a keyword and Google will provide you with questions and keywords that other users have asked exactly the same way, thanks to the automatic completion feature. This shows you at a glance which aspects of a topic seem to be of particular interest to people.

For the keyword "sewing" Google suggests "learn to sew" and "sew beginners". The result shows me that at the moment many people seem to want to learn how to sew and are looking for tips and instructions for beginners. For my topic search this means: A blog, which introduces sewing beginners step by step into the topic, could be a good idea.

In the second step I have to find out how big the competition is and how good - it could be that there are many competitors, but my approach is much better than that of the others. Clicking on "Learn to sew" shows that there are of course a number of websites and blogs that have tips and tricks for beginners. Above all, however, sewing courses are advertised. In addition it concerns thereby exclusively sides, which offer also guidances for a risers, otherwise however generally with the topic sewing concern.

The result for "Sewing for beginners" is similar. And also "learn sewing online" does not bring any big surprises. The search combination "dresses sew beginners" results mainly in hits on forums, in which instructions, patterns and tutorials for sewing adult clothing for beginners are asked for.

Conclusion: There is competition, but only a few blogs are explicitly aimed at beginners. And apparently many beginner questions remain unanswered, especially when it comes to clothing for adults. So that could be my blognische for sewing. Provided that I feel like it myself and can provide really good information and tips. In addition, I would probably have to bring a lot of time with me, since comparatively elaborate picture-by-picture and video instructions are standard in this area. In addition there are costs for the technology, for example for a new camera, a video camera, light etc.. Of course, these are also factors that play a role in the choice of topics.

Search topics with Youtube

Searching via Youtube is another alternative to finding topics.
Searching via Youtube is another alternative to finding topics.

Just like Google, you can also use Youtube to search for topics. Simply enter a search term and see what the automatic completion offers you. In the case of "sewing" you get a similar picture as in the Google search. At the top of the list is "Learn to sew for beginners". Also "sewing learn beginner" and "sewing learn" can be found.

The videos, which are shown to me to "sewing learn for beginners", concern themselves with the absolute bases like the functions of a sewing machine, the material selection, the cutting... Scarves, purses and even a T-shirt are sewn, but not a single dress. The call-off statistics next to the contributions indicate what is particularly popular. Surprisingly, these are not necessarily the very professional-looking contributions, but videos in which there is still room for improvement in terms of design.

Conclusion: The absolute basics of sewing are quite well covered. YouTube also has virtually no competition when it comes to sewing clothes. Besides, the instructions don't have to be as professional as I thought they would be. It is obviously crucial to be able to explain it in a comprehensible way. So it might be an idea not to write for absolute beginners, but to report concretely about sewing a dress. It could be started with a very simple model and in the course of time it will increase. So the readers can understand each of my steps.

You can choose an original TLD that fits your topic or your target group. For a blog about the family or raising children for example .baby or familiy. If you are interested in new apps, you could choose .app. .design could fit for a home blog. If your location is important for you, you can also choose a city TLD like .berlin and combine it with your theme.

The keyword analysis

So far, so good. The question of how large the search volume for sewing or sewing for beginners is still unanswered. Because if there are only a few hundred inquiries, the chances of success for my niche topic are modest. There is help with the clarification again in the net with the Keyword planner of Google Adwords. Prerequisite for the use: You must be registered with Google or have a mail address there.

The keyword planner offers several variants for searching for relevant keywords.
The keyword planner offers several variants for searching for relevant keywords.

After registering with Adwords you go to the keyword planner in the "Tools and Analyses" section. Here you have several research options to choose from, from ideas for new keywords to traffic estimates. I am interested in the search volume, so I click on the appropriate area and then enter my keywords in the box. Then enter the geographical area and let the search volume be determined.

The result: An average of 27,000 search queries per month with medium-range competitors. Small limitation: A closer look at the evaluation shows that sewing makes up a large part of the hits. "Learning to sew", on the other hand, unfortunately already falls off considerably.

27 000 people in Germany search monthly for my keywords - where sewing is the most important keyword.
27 000 people in Germany search monthly for my keywords - where sewing is the most important keyword.

Tip: The basic rule for keyword searches is not to test just one term, but to try out different variants. For example, in combination with the place of residence or work, if this plays a role. Or work with synonyms.

Identify trends

The result of the volume search is somewhat sobering. But: A blog is a project that should run longer. That's why it's worth taking a look at the trend in search terms. Here, too, Google is helping with its Google Trends.

Sewing for beginners is obviously an issue with a future - says at least the forecast of Google Trends.
Sewing for beginners is obviously an issue with a future - says at least the forecast of Google Trends.

And a direct hit: The suck combination "Sewing Beginners" went through the blanket in 2013 and shows a strong upward trend. So it might really be worth it to jump on this train now.

The basis for everything: The blog topic

The choice of blog topic is not only important with regard to potential readers and advertisers. The blog topic is simply the basis for the entire project. It starts with the naming, where the topic should appear, the layout and the style and tone of your blog. Not to mention the focus on advertisers.

Therefore, a lot of time and creativity should be invested in the systematic identification of topics. Otherwise frustration threatens fast, if the self-set goals are missed despite large efforts and much heart blood.

Tip: If you think you have reached your goal and have defined your topic, try to summarize the topic in two to three sentences. This will show you whether you have already focused enough.

Stay in the comfort zone - or continue?

Help in finding a topic is good, but of course soft factors also play a role: What interests me? What do I know about? It is obvious to take up these points. You immediately have a lot of ideas for texts and as an expert in a field you don't have to do long research to write an article. Especially if you don't have much time to blog, that's an important factor.

But it can be more profitable - even for yourself - to leave your personal comfort zone and think a bit further. For example: Is there a topic that you have been interested in for some time, but of which you have hardly any idea yet? Your blog offers you the chance to deal intensively with this new topic and to report on it from the perspective of a newcomer. This will not only broaden your own horizon, but will probably also help many other people. Because most often answers to basic questions are sought in the net - see "Sewing for beginners".

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