Tips for WordPress Bloggers

With these tips you start a successful WordPress Blog - More info in the WordPress Tutorial from

The technique is the one page that lays the foundation for your blog. But good technology alone is not enough, at least as important is the content of your blog. On the following pages we have put together some tips for a successful blog.

Learn to blog - step by step

From the search for the right domain name to suggestions for good blog texts to tips for more traffic: exciting content is important for a well-running blog, but not everything. Here you will learn step by step what you as a new blogger should know and pay attention to - with lots of practical examples and clearly explained.

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The optimal blogname

In principle, the name search thing is quite simple. Because there are clear criteria for a good blog (and of course website or shop) address.

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Search Blog Topics

Find your personal niche. Research and analysis tools help you to find promising topics. This article will give you tips on how to find the right topic for your new blog.

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The most important steps after the blog launch

As a new blogger, you only want one thing: to finally get started with your first post. But as usual in life, the first thing you have to do is to have fun. And that means in this case that the new blog must first be made a little more comfortable.

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9 tips for the optimal headline

So that your contributions get the attention they deserve, we have collected in this contribution the most important tips and expert knowledge around the perfect headline for you.

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How to make your blog better known

How does it work to get your own blog more traffic, especially in view of the now huge competition on the net?

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