Install WordPress step by step instructions

How to install WordPress manually or automatically. Detailed step-by-step instructions - More info in the WordPress Tutorial from

On the following pages you will learn how to install your own WordPress blog on different platforms and systems. This article series concludes with important hints on how to perform WordPress backups.

Technical requirements of WordPress

You can find out which requirements your hoster has to provide in our article: "Technical requirements".

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Manual WordPress Installation

You can read how to install your WordPress page on your web server or web hosting environment in our article "Manual WordPress Installation".

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Automatic installation for checkdomain

You are a hosting customer at checkdomain or want to become one? Then read in our article "Automatic installation at checkdomain", and learn how to install your WordPress on our server with one click.

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Local installation on Mac

This article describes how to perform a local installation on a Mac.

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Local installation on Windows

For the PC friends we describe of course also the local installation on a Windows computer.

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Setting Up the WordPress Test Environment

You want to test and try things in WordPress undisturbed without disassembling your existing installation? Then read in the article "Setting up WordPress test environment" how to build your test environment for WordPress.

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Setting Up WordPress Backup

The most important thing at the end: The WordPress backup. Automatic backups of the entire WordPress system, backup of data in the cloud - would you like that? Here you go, no problem - just read our article "Setting up WordPress Backup".

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