checkdomain - that is us!

Developer, designer, supporter, boss: for things to run smoothly everyone has to do his job. But who are the individuals behind checkdomain and what are they doing all day? A tour through our office makes you find out!

Johannes Herold
Founder / CEO

A man with a vision and a knack for design. If FC Bayern had a foosball team he would surely be its captain.

Aysin Matthiesen

The only woman in our Fantastic Support team. She has a huge heart for customer requests and animals.

Alexander Strauß

The Fantastic support veteran - he always knows the answer and even sends out recipes if needed.

Arne Waterwiese

The multitasker - while he's on the phone and in 4 chats he is writing FAQ or blog articles.

Benjamin Paap

The Navy Seal in our dev team. There's no way for "no way!" even if it means pulling an all-nighter.

Christopher Mohr
Business Development

Our lightjockey in the sales team! Without light, a fresh cup of coffee and his sneakers he's unable to work.

Florian Körner

Aka silent Flo. Despite his youth he is an olt-timer and a nethead. Only talks when absolutely necessary.

Gennadi Janzen

The backend freak likes to start sockfuß late in the day. When his eyes leave the screen, he is always looking for a great photo motif in his new adopted home Lübeck.

Hannes Nauhaus

Expert for frontend devlopment and high spirits. Spends 30% of his time refilling his coffee cup.

Julian Bente

Knowledge-greedy newcomer to the checkdomain development team.

Jörg Diestelmann

At checkdomain he juggles with customer requests - in his spare time he swirls devil- and flowersticks.

Jan Günther

Digging through the tunnels of the internet he solves your problems quicker than a weasel.

Katja Gauder
Online marketing

Our social media mistress. Never loses track of Facebook, Twitter, our blog or her sewing machine.

Lars Graubner

Usually of a rather quiet nature, he solves any problem, however difficult. Programmer with a passion to be found mainly in the frontend.

Martin Abraham

A rather calm ambassador of the developers guild. A typical Norseman he spends his spare time at the coast.

Matthias Franke

From satisfied customer to Fantastic Supporter - Matthias switched sides and is now solving your problems.

Michael Koppenberg

Lost his hair trying to answer the most complex questions. Spending 2 hours on the phone with one customer is not infrequent.

Marc Schumann
Business Development

checkdomain's Johnny Bravo - He is a coder with heart and soul. Knows our gateways in and out.

Sandra Cantzler
PR / Blog

Loves to play with words and always has a lot to say. Dreams of new top level domains most nights.

Simon Jalandt
System Administration

The lord of the servers. Ready to get up at night if a hard drive fails or a backup gets stuck.

Timo Heinrich
Online marketing

Volleyball player with a longtime penchant for SEO topics and online marketing skills.

Tobias Nitsche

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Tobias manages to be on the genius side most of the times.

Torsten Petersdorf

Our early riser: still is the first one in the office even after working out in the morning.


What would we do without our animal companions...