checkdomain - that is us!

Developer, designer, supporter, boss: for things to run smoothly everyone has to do his job. But who are the individuals behind checkdomain and what are they doing all day? A tour through our office makes you find out!

Alexander Strauß

The Fantastic support veteran - he always knows the answer and even sends out recipes if needed.

Arne Waterwiese

The multitasker - while he's on the phone and in 4 chats he is writing FAQ or blog articles.

Daniel Menius
Layout / Design

A chef of the designs with the urge of permanent recipe optimization. Daniel colored pixels and nice Bezier curves revolves around.

Florian Körner

Aka silent Flo. Despite his youth he is an olt-timer and a nethead. Only talks when absolutely necessary.

Hannes Nauhaus

Expert for frontend devlopment and high spirits. Spends 30% of his time refilling his coffee cup.

Hannes Pries

Als Entwickler mit Ordnungswahn optimiert er mit Leidenschaft unsere Backendlandschaft. Dabei darfs auch gerne die eine oder andere Mate sein.

Jan Günther

Digging through the tunnels of the internet he solves your problems quicker than a weasel.

Jörg Diestelmann

At checkdomain he juggles with customer requests - in his spare time he swirls devil- and flowersticks.

Katja Preuss
Online marketing

Has an online overview of Facebook, Blog and Co. and likes to swap his PC for a sewing machine or cinema chair offline.

Martin Abraham

A rather calm ambassador of the developers guild. A typical Norseman he spends his spare time at the coast.

Martin Popp
Online marketing

Enjoying KPIs, charts and fresh imports early in the morning. Coffee and muesli are also welcome.

Matthias Franke

From satisfied customer to Fantastic Supporter - Matthias switched sides and is now solving your problems.

Simon Jalandt
System Administration

The lord of the servers. Ready to get up at night if a hard drive fails or a backup gets stuck.

Timo Heinrich
Online marketing

Volleyball player with a longtime penchant for SEO topics and online marketing skills.

Torsten Petersdorf

Our early riser: still is the first one in the office even after working out in the morning.