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Information for new customers, on domain transfers and our referral program.
Help topics on how to configure and use your own domain and how you connect it with external services.
Guides and information on how to create mailboxes, using webmail and mail client configuration.
How to create and manage a website and how to use the app-installer.
Learn how to create and use databases, phpmyAdmin and how to change php settings.
All you need to know about our SSL certificates - How to order, validate, configure and install it on your server.
Information on using our nameserver, creating DNS entries or on how to change the nameservers to your own.
All you need to know when it comes to your contract, invoices, payment and cancellation.
Information and guides on how to create accounts and how to recover lost login credentials.
Everything on changing your current hosting plan.
Solutions to common errors and technical difficulties.



Using TeamViewer our support team can see what's happening on your screen while on the phone with you. This helps us to solve your problems better and much faster.

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