WordPress Plugins

Learn to use the advantages of WordPress plugins for your blog - Learn more in the WordPress Tutorial from checkdomain.net

The popular blog system WordPress is based on the modular principle. With plugins, WordPress can be adapted to any user requirements. We explain to you what WordPress plugins are, how to install them and much more.

Install WordPress Plugins

There are three ways to install a plugin in WordPress, which we explain in this article using the example of the plugin Monster Insights.

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Recommended plugins

WordPress can be extended with a variety of plugins. There are free and paid plugins, currently there are over 54,000 plugins for WordPress available. The following overview tries to bring some order into the plugin chaos.

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GDPR compliant WordPress plugins

Many plugins send data to third parties, partly to ensure the functionality of the plugin, partly for no apparent reason. No matter what data is sent, the blog operator has to inform his visitors about this fact. The following article contains lists of problematic and unproblematic plugins.

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Shop with WordPress

WordPress is of course primarily a blog system, not an e-commerce platform. Accordingly, it is not possible to start online shops in very large dimensions or with a multitude of technical refinements in this way. But in a comparatively simple and inexpensive way you get functional online shops with all the necessary professional features - no matter whether you want to offer your future customers physical products or content for download.

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