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More and more couples want to create a wedding homepage, which not only increases the anticipation of the big moment, but also noticeably reduces the organizational effort.

It's that easy to create a gastronomy homepage

With our website builder the construction of an attractive wedding page is very simple. Discover now our high-quality design templates and countless features with which you can design your site both aesthetically and functionally perfect. No technical knowledge of web design is required.

  • Choose a template for your website
  • Publish the most important data about your wedding
  • Upload the most attractive pictures into a picture gallery
  • Create a blog to share the best moments
Website Builder, template for wedding homepage
Website Builder, wedding homepage, different screen sizes

What a wedding homepage can do

If you add a web address to your written invitation to your wedding, you can easily keep your guests up to date. Inform on the website about organizational news, link good accommodation recommendations, add a Google Maps route description or install a widget that collects the confirmations of your guests. You may also want to write a report about your impressions from the test menu to increase the culinary anticipation of the participants. Last but not least, beautiful, personal photos help to put friends and family in a festive mood. You can also use voting tools to involve your guests in the preparations. Leave the music selection to a majority decision. Or set different menus to choose from. There are no limits to your imagination when you create your personal wedding homepage.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Creating your own website without previous knowledge has never been so easy. See for yourself how quickly you can create websites with checkdomain's website builder.

Try out different designs and familiarize yourself with the various functions - if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, you will get your money back.

Create a wedding homepage

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Website Builder, Template for wedding homepage

After the wedding - share the most beautiful pictures with your guests!

Wedding homepage: Even after the big day, the wedding website still offers you many possibilities to share and preserve beautiful memories of the celebration. First and foremost, of course, are the wedding photos and videos that you should enjoy together with your guests. However, in the case of a publicly visible page, please make sure to obtain the consent of all persons depicted and the permission of the photographers before uploading pictures.

Alternatively, you always have the option of providing your homepage with access protection and only assigning passwords to those directly involved. You can also share your honeymoon with the users of your homepage, even before you return home. With our app, you can make changes quickly and conveniently via your tablet at any time. Upload new images and text while sitting on the beach together and enjoy the feedback from your users by adding a comment function to your page.

Our tariffs for you

We have something for everyone, whether private homepages, functional company homepages or sales-oriented business websites. With our tariffs you are guaranteed to win
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Let us create your professional website for you

You don't have time to create your own website? No problem - With our new website service we create your website for you. Including domain, e-mail addresses and update service. Everything from one source.

Homepage for wedding - how does it work?

Choose your preferred tariff and a suitable domain. After registering your web address you can start. Our free website builder impresses with intuitive usability, attractive design templates and a large, freely usable picture gallery.

All websites created in our website builder are responsive, which means that they automatically adapt to any existing screen size and set up in a flash. Thus annoying cross scrolling and long loading times are finally a thing of the past. Get started right away instead of worrying about technical details: Choose your design, set individual colour accents, upload text and images and experiment with our large selection of practical widgets. If you already have experience in creating websites, you can also access the HTML and CSS structures of your homepage to make individual changes. However, this is not necessary for a professional result. Even if you leave the design templates unchanged, you can look forward to an absolutely perfect website, which also gives your big day a virtual worthy setting!

From the wedding website to the family homepage

You think your wedding homepage is much too beautiful to be deleted at some point? - No problem: Use the opportunity to gradually develop it into a real family homepage! You've grown? Then share your joy and the most beautiful baby photos with the whole world! Incidentally, large Internet retailers offer newcomers to the world the possibility of creating a baby wish list. This way you can keep friends and relatives discreetly informed of the gifts they could give your young family a special treat with. And if the family grows even bigger, the homepage helps to organize children's birthday parties and other leisure activities. Or would you like to create a memorial page for your deceased great-grandparents? - No problem: If necessary, simply extend the booked package and add further subpages to your homepage. Let a real family chronicle grow in this way, in which you and your loved ones will have lasting pleasure!

Does a wedding page need an imprint?

With your own homepage, you can decide which content you want to make available to which group of people. Assign passwords or share your content with the public. In any case: As long as you do this exclusively for private purposes and pursue no business interests with your side, you do not need an imprint. So you are free to decide whether or not you want to show your full name on your wedding homepage and name your place of residence.

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