Create a physician website

In principle, a separate physician website is essential today, because physicians are now also mainly searched via the Internet. A well-designed, professional physician website is an important point of contact for patients.

How easy it is to create a physician website

With our physician website builder the construction of an attractive doctor's office website is very simple. Discover now our high-quality design templates and numerous features with which you can design your site both aesthetically and functionally perfect. No technical knowledge of web design is required.

  • Choose a template for your physician website
  • Publish the most important data about your surgery
  • Upload the most beautiful pictures into a picture gallery
  • Create a blog to share the best moments
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Easy to use: How to create a physician website

Special rules are valid for physicians when it comes to the website of the doctor's office. This refers not only to the restrictions on advertising, but also to the design of the physician website. Because even more than in any other profession, it is important to physicians that the website already conveys trust to patients. However, creating a doctor's office website does not have to be a complicated and costly task. User-friendly offers such as physician website builders make it easy to design a website according to your own ideas and bring it online.

In principle, a separate doctor's office website is indispensable today, because physicians are now also mainly searched via the Internet. A well-designed, professional physician website is an important point of contact for patients. Here they should receive all important information about the doctor's office. These include, for example:

  • The opening hours
  • The disciplines
  • The doctor's office team
  • Contact opportunities
  • How to find us

The first step to the physician website: Your own domain

Like the doctor's office, the physician website needs an address where it can be reached reliably.

This so-called domain is usually secured by a corresponding service provider - a provider or a web hoster. It is important to find a meaningful, easy to remember solution for domain names. The doctor's office name should be included in the Internet address.

The cheapest and most convenient option is to book the domain in a package with further required services. In any case, this includes the web space, i.e. the storage space in the network, which is required for storing the website data. This server space ensures that the website can be accessed around the clock from anywhere. Other standard services in the context of a hosting package are databases and e-mail addresses In addition, depending on the package, there are other services.

The costs for this amount to five to ten euros per month, depending on the scope and provider. Of course there are also free offers. However, this should be avoided when creating a website for a doctor's office. Because with free solutions, there is no domain of its own, but there are often advertisements on the site. Say: It disturbs the serious impression.

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Create a physician website

Planning the design of the physician website

Especially a physician website is not about completely reinventing the wheel.

It is more advisable to rely on proven variants with which the patients get along intuitively. Before the actual implementation of the website, physicians should therefore take a look at the website of the competitors. It can also be helpful to ask your own patients specifically: What do they want from the website?

Right from the start, it should be remembered that the physician website should also be mobile without any problems - a so-called responsive web design is required for this. The responsive design ensures that the website is always optimally displayed, regardless of whether the user visits it from a desktop or a smartphone. Since the majority of users now surf mobile, this aspect is extremely important.

Template for Doctor/doctor's office Website
Website Builder, template for a doctor's office website

Reach your aim with just a few clicks: Keep the menu navigation simple

Regardless of how extensive the website is planned: When designing the physician website, physicians should make sure that patients can access the information they are looking for as quickly as possible - no more than three clicks should be necessary. The structure or menu of the website should be correspondingly straightforward.

Familiar structures are also recommended so that patients can quickly and easily find their way around the website and will be happy to use it again next time. This is the best way to place the menu bar on the left side or at the top of the website. It is important that the menu is easy to recognize.

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The most suitable contents for a physician website

There are fixed limits to the content of physicians websites. These are determined by professional law and the "Berufsrecht und dem Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG)". Informing is therefore okay - explicit advertising against it is forbidden. Suitable and permissible contents for the doctor's office website include, but are not limited to:

  • The range of services in doctor's office
  • The possible membership of a group of doctor's offices
  • Factual information on clinical pictures and examination methods
  • Integration of links to assessment portals on which the physician is registered
  • Current information on dates (emergency services, health courses)
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Updating and structuring the physician website

Also for physicians is valid: Who would like to land in the results of the search machines completely in front, comes around a search machine optimization to be updated, since that is positively evaluated by search machines such as Google.

A well thought-out structuring of the website and its contents is also important. Here, for example, it is important to structure texts and provide them with headings and subheadings. Each subpage should have an appropriate page title. It is also indispensable to place keywords on the site.

Create a physician website for a doctor's office without programming skills?

Today, creating professional websites has become easy and inexpensive and is possible even without a great deal of technical knowledge. So-called physician website builders are the solution for all those who want to set up a web presence on their own.

On one hand, these solutions offer attractive design templates tailored to the respective industry, which can be individualised and filled with their own content with little effort. On the other hand, they largely save the user from having to deal with technical details. Neither FTP access nor database management is required. The web hoster or the provider of the software takes care of security updates - automatically and inconspicuously in the background.

These plus points are of course also offset by some cutbacks that have to be made in comparison to classic content management systems (CMS). Some special features and tools may need to be waived. In addition, a website created using a physician website builder can never be as individual as a completely self-created website.

What should be considered when choosing a provider?

There are now a large number of providers on the market and it is difficult to find the optimal solution right away. When creating a physician website, care should be taken to ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • The website can be updated quickly and easily without programming knowledge;
  • Domain and e-mail accounts are included in the package;
  • It offers enough storage space;
  • There are suitable, high-quality design templates for physicians/doctor's offices;
  • The offered design templates are responsive;
  • Tools for search engine optimization (SEO) are available;
  • Competent, easily accessible support.
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