Create a pharmacy website

If you want to create your own website, you can do this relatively easily with the checkdomain website builder. Only a few entries and clicks are needed to set up the new website.

How easy it is to create a pharmacy website

With our website builder the construction of a attractive Pharmacy page is very simple. Discover now our high-quality design templates and countless features with which you can make your site both aesthetically and functionally perfect can. For this no technical knowledge of web design is required.

  • Select a template for your website
  • Publish the most important data about your pharmacy
  • Upload your team's pictures to a picture gallery
  • Report on topics that interest your customers
Website Builder, template for your own website

Creating a website for pharmacy

Single steps to the finished solution

You undoubtedly have to think a little bit into the structure of a website builder. Some providers claim that the whole thing is "child's play", which is perhaps a slightly exaggerated statement. However, students also like to use the website builder of checkdomain for their own website, which is ultimately designed in a layman-friendly way. Especially younger people who grew up with a PC, smartphone, etc. like to playfully deal with such systems and quickly find suitable solutions.

So you can build your own site as a business owner or hire a younger colleague from your team. Sometimes it's a young pharmacy assistant, you'll be amazed. The website builder allows the operation completely without programming knowledge by its basic structure with intuitive tools. If you have a little knowledge of HTML, you will understand the background a little better and could even make further individualizations (see below). But these are not necessary to use the website builder in general and to build a really nice homepage. It is enough to think a little into the operation. You will surely discover many possibilities to make your website structurally excellent and unique.

Let us inspire you! At the beginning we recommend that you sketch the structure of your future website on a piece of paper.

With this clear idea you can easily create your website for a pharmacy: You don't have to discard something after tinkering with the builder and rebuild it again.

You will certainly want to design a website "About our pharmacy". You could also describe your product range in individual categories on several subpages. Perhaps you would like to have a short introductory text written for each category; your customers might also be interested in technical explanations. Of course, you must not forget the imprint, it is legally required and must be easily accessible from the start page.

We recommend a separate contact page for your customer traffic. The concept in advance is more than half the work on your website, so take your time. The technical implementation with the website builder is then no longer difficult.

Checkdomain: Website Builder with responsive web design

The website builder of checkdomain contains fully responsive design templates. That is an essential point. Responsive webdesign automatically adapts web pages to the device from which they are accessed.

The display is optimized for the display or screen size. An example would be the menu items of the website listed in the sitemap that appear to the right or left of a start screen on the PC screen, but better below this start screen on the smartphone display.

This is more user-friendly and extremely important, as about half of all website visits are from the PC, the other half from mobile devices. For example, a person in urgent need of medication could look for a pharmacy in your neighborhood. This person will start their search with the smartphone. Once your homepage has been found, it should be able to clearly recognize your services.

Some webmasters hide certain content for mobile display. Mobile users do not necessarily need all the information (e.g. long explanations or large tables), but they need other information particularly urgently. This would be, for example, a route description with a map. This could be created separately for the mobile presence, which thus becomes particularly user-friendly. On the other hand, the stationary version of a homepage can contain a lot of information that can be read at home.

Website Builder, template for your own website
Homepage Baukasten, Create a pharmacy website

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Creating your own website without previous knowledge has never been so easy. See for yourself how quickly you can create websites with checkdomain's website builder.

Try out different designs and familiarize yourself with the various functions - if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, you will get your money back.

Create a pharmacy website

Creating a website for a pharmacy

What are the basics?

Basics for the website provides checkdomain with the design templates of the modular system. These provide you with a first-class orientation for your appearance.

There are some accepted principles for the layout. With your comprehensive product range, you know for sure that you have to proceed very clearly when you create the homepage for pharmacies. Furthermore, your users should immediately find important menu items, including on a smartphone display.

The texts you set require headings and subheadings, keywords and a teaser for reading. Let these texts be written online-friendly with many paragraphs and avoid too much technical speech, even if this is sometimes unavoidable in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Your layout should correspond to your industry

For some products (for example toys) it could be very colorful, for others (technology) very sober, in your case a healthy mixture is certainly appropriate. Most online pharmacies use a dominant colour for their corporate design, and a certain green is a popular choice.

How you proceed in this respect is ultimately up to you. If you already use a corporate design for a stationary pharmacy, you should definitely transfer this to your homepage. Then search for the appropriate elements in the website builder and transfer them using Drag&Drop.

You can move individual elements on the emerging page indefinitely. With Copy&Paste you can insert your prepared content from your own templates, whereby you have to think of unique content for texts and copyrights for images. You may not copy anything from other websites! You can easily customize fonts and colors, also widgets and apps for further functions are provided by checkdomain. As a pharmacy, you should probably highlight the following points in particular:

  • Your opening hours,
  • Delivery periods,
  • Modes of payment,
  • Order prescription drugs,
  • A contact form,
  • Your location plus directions (with map) if you run a stationary pharmacy,
  • FAQ (answers to your customers' most important questions) and
  • A link to other online activities of your pharmacy, such as a Facebook presence.

Forms and links - for example to social media channels - can be inserted without programming knowledge. You can be very creative with this design..

Our tariffs for you

We have something for everyone, whether private homepages, functional company homepages or sales-oriented business websites. With our tariffs you are guaranteed to win
  • 1 Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)
  • 2 Minimum term: 12 months, notice period: 30 days
  • 3 You can use the following domain extensions free of charge for the homepage construction kit: de, com, net, org, info, biz, eu, at, ch, li,, mobi, dk, nl, it
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Creating your pharmacy website: Use of own programming knowledge

Some users of a website builder can program a little and therefore want to create a very individual website with the help of checkdomains templates. This is possible, although highly individual designs are already possible with the basics. Due to the many layouts and structural possibilities alone, no two pharmacy operators will design their website in the same way. The products offered by pharmacies alone differ, and there are also far too many design templates for there to be any danger of duplication. In addition, each webmaster submits his own texts and images. Nevertheless, the website builder provides HTML and CSS for those webmasters who want to deal with it. The existing design templates can also be integrated.

Other checkdomain services

Of course, checkdomain offers a domain check and a domain of your choice (preferably as a "talking URL" for good search engine placement), as well as hosting and online marketing (SEO and SEA). Users benefit greatly from a complete package, which we therefore recommend. Checkdomain hosts on servers in german data centers with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which work with 100% green electricity. The data is absolutely secure. The support will be happy to advise interested parties!

Website Builder, template for your own website

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