Create a fashion blog

Do you passionately photograph street styles, present your DIY wardrobe, sew cute children's outfits or design cool men's fashion? Then start your fashion blog now with checkdomain without any previous knowledge!

It's that easy to create a fashion blog

With our website builder the construction of an attractive fashion site is very simple. Discover now our high-quality design templates and countless features with which you can design your site both aesthetically and functionally perfect. No technical knowledge of web design is required.

  • Choose a template for your website
  • Publish the most important data about your fashion blog
  • Upload the most beautiful pictures into a picture gallery
  • Create interesting blog articles to attract fans
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So what is a fashion blog?

A fashion blog is a kind of diary or journal on the subject of fashion. It consists mainly of articles and articles about fashion: For example about certain items of clothing, about special accessories, about fashion trends such as haute couture, trendy streetwear or the latest trends in celebrity fashion.

The authors write about it from their subjective point of view. For example, they provide buying tips, fashion advice for laymen, introduce dress cuts and dress fits, recommend colour combinations or give tips on wearing and care.

The whole thing is often written in a funny and trendy way - entertaining yet informative. Readers particularly like special tips that are not found in the media and in the usual fashion magazines.

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Create a fashion blog

Create your own fashion blog with the website builder

Going online when you want to set up your own fashion blog is not at all difficult. Checkdomain's website builder is so easy to use that you don't need any experience with programming. You only have to complete six steps to set up your own fashion blog in no time.

The system is self-explaining and very user-friendly. In addition, there are excellent support options in case there should be a small problem. Checkdomain is a really good choice if you just want to try it out and set up your own fashion blog without any financial risk.

1. What name would you like to use for your fashion blog?

A good name is important if you want to create a fashion blog: It almost automatically attracts visitors to the site. For this to work, it needs to be curious and easy to remember. The name you found can also be saved as a domain with an upgrade.

If you have a good idea for a name, you should quickly check whether your preferred name (your preferred domain) is still available. Checkdomain also has the professional-looking, suitable email address and hosting.

2. Register now at checkdomain and secure your own domain!!

If you know which name and which domain suits your blog idea best, you should register quickly and secure your desired domain name. A good domain name is worth it because, as in other online market niches, there is a lot of competition for fashion blogs. Remember that your name should be catchy and easy to pronounce, and of course the thematic reference to fashion is important, although not essential.

You can let your imagination flow when it comes to name searches. Funny nicknames that don't necessarily have anything to do with fashion are also allowed. However, you should not include confusing combinations of numbers in the name. Even a confusing mixture of letters is not well received by your visitors, Google and other search engines.

Website Builder, Template for fashion blog, fashion blog responsive
Website Builder, Template for fashion blog, Create fashion blog
3. Choose a design template, font and colors!

If you want to convey good taste for fashion and lifestyle, of course, you want your blog to show that at first glance. Checkdomain is a specialist in this area: We offer design templates developed exactly for fashion bloggers, which show off your texts and images to their best advantage. All templates can be harmoniously supplemented with the font and colors of your choice. Choose simply under many organization possibilities and already you can provide your custom-made fashion blog!

4. Activate your fashion blog and start writing right away!

Immediately after activating the first article starts. You can also do this on the road. If you know hip looks and wear them yourself, you don't always want to sit at your desk. Take your fashion blog with you and work on the go with the checkdomain app. They can write and publish texts anywhere and share content via the social media. Since all checkdomain designs are responsive, your blog looks just as good on your smartphone and tablet as it does on your computer.

5. Just text is boring - that's how you spice up your article!

Text without anything else - this is not possible if you want to create a fashion blog! With checkdomain you can easily integrate your fashion photos, videos and share buttons. Great photos look especially good. Here you can score points by taking pictures from unusual angles or by taking pictures of details that cannot be found in fashion magazines, for example.

6. One click and your fashion blog is on the World Wide Web

It's also easy to publish, because all you need to do is think about what's really important to you: fashion, lifestyle and creative ideas. As soon as your article is ready, you only have to click on the "Publish" button - your fashion blog is already online and you can look forward to your first visitors

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How to find your fashion blog!

Of course, just publishing is not enough. Now it's time to attract visitors to your site. This works surprisingly well, especially with fashion, thanks to word of mouth: Anyone who thinks something is great and interesting would like to share it with their friends. This recommendation often runs on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Also the ranking via Google and other search engines is a proven way to the success of your blog: Whoever writes really excitingly about fashion and sometimes brings something new and creative has a good chance of achieving a top position in the search results. As the current fashion blogging scene impressively shows!

How successful you are with your blog, you do not have to guess of course. On the contrary: The checkdomain page shows exactly how many visitors look around your blog and how visitor numbers change and improve over time.

By the way, many fashion labels specifically seek contact with newcomers among fashion bloggers in order to win them over for a collaboration. Fashion bloggers often receive great, free giveaways from the labels for a little promotion, which can of course be kept afterwards.

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