Coppermine Gallery - Manual installation

Gallery system from Coppermine. This web gallery contains a lot of functions like for example: Main/subfolder, slideshow, click counter, evaluation of images, image information, Image Comments and Random Generator.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Coppermine Picture Gallery on your web hosting package.

Step 1

First download the Coppermine Picture Gallery from the provider's website.

Extract the file (e.g. into a directory which you can easily find again.

Step 2

Next, open your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) and connect you go to your webspace with the FTP access data, then look for the folder you unpacked. Now select the folder cpg14x from the Coppermine Picture Gallery.

Copy the folder into the /htdocs directory on your webhosting package where Select the folder and click on the right mouse button. Select "Upload" from the menu that opens. Wait until the transfer is completed.

Step 3

Now open the cpg14x directory on your web hosting package and create a new folder which you call e.g. "uploads". Here your pictures will be uploaded later.

Then change the file permissions of the folders albums; include and uploads to 777 (Read/Write/Run). Check the box at "Include subdirectories".

Step 4

Create a MySQL database and remember the database name, login name and password.

A description of how to create a MySQL database can be found at following link:

How do I create a MySQL database?

Step 5

Now open the link "", to go to the installation page of the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Enter a username, a password and your e-mail address there. In the fields below enter the data of your MySQL database and confirm your entries with a click on the "Let´s Go!" button.

Step 6

After the successful installation, all you need to do is click on the "Let´s continue!" button.

You can now log in to your admin area at any time by calling up your domain and choosing click on the "Login" tab, which you will find under the heading.

Please use For this purpose use the admin data from step 5.

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