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How do I create and edit a contact form?

Here we explain the basic editing options of the contact form. First click on the element in the editor to get to the settings.

In the "Form elements" area, the individual fields can be edited and supplemented. Click on "Name" to open the advanced settings. For example, you can insert a placeholder here. If you want to extend your form, click on "Add field". Drag the field to the desired position. You can also hide the field name, e.g. if you prefer to have what it is within the field.

You can also use the slider to adjust the size and mark the input field as a mandatory field.

In addition to the free text field, there are other field types, e.g. with several options to choose from. The name of the individual radio buttons can be changed by clicking in the respective field. However, only one option can be selected.

If we create another field, this time with the field type "checkbox", the field name and the name of the options will change again. With this type of field type several options can be selected for sending.

You can secure your contact form with a captcha query. This serves to make it more difficult for spambots to fill out such forms automatically. Move the slider to the right to activate this validation.

The most important setting for the contact form is that of the recipient. Switch to the "Transmission" tab and enter the destination address under Recipient. You can also enter auto messages that the sender should receive after sending the form or in the case of an error message. If you want the sender to be redirected to another page after sending, you can set this here.

If you would like to know how often the contact form was sent, you can insert your conversion code for tracking under "Tracking". Under the item "Integration" you have the possibility to send all data transmitted via the contact form to a third party and to manage or analyze it there.

In the menu item "Design" the layout of your contact form can be easily adapted to your wishes.


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