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How do I add or edit pages?

Here we explain how to add new subpages to your website, how to rearrange them and how to make page-specific settings.

The starting point is the menu item "Pages". By simple drag-and-drop you can change the positions of your pages in the navigation or assign them to a page as a sub-item. Your navigation will then contain a so-called drop-down menu.

If you want to hide a menu item in general or, for example, only on the smartphone, you can do this by clicking on the gearwheel. Via this menu you can also delete the selected page completely.

In our example, we have generally hidden the info page. This makes sense if, for example, this page is still under construction. If you would now like to publish your new subpage, first show it in the navigation. Then you should make important SEO settings. So again into the gear menu and select the point "SEO".

Insert here a page title and a description of their respective subpage. This is important so that the search engine can display its page preview correctly.

If you wish, you can also set a password for a page so that the content is only accessible to a certain group. Under "Header-HTML" you can embed your own HTML or Javascript code.

Click on the blue button to add a new page. Afterwards you can choose between different page types. Move the mouse over it to display a preview of the page. Once you have decided, click on the icon and name your new page. It now appears in the menu and can be edited as normal. 


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