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How do I create a picture gallery?

We will create a picture gallery together with you and show you the various editing options.

Select "Elements" from the menu bar on the left and search for "Gallery". You can simply drag and drop the widget to the desired position on your page. With a click on the element you get to the "Settings". Here you can first remove the sample images by clicking on "delete all images".

Click on "Add image" or on the plus sign in the boxes to select your own images. Here you will see all images that are already available on the website. Via this tab you can, for example, also access our free image database. Select as many pictures as you like and click on "Done".

Switch to the "Design" area to adjust the layout. Here you can select, among other things, the text position and the number of columns. If you make a change, the images automatically adapt to the new space conditions. If you have a lot of images in the gallery, you can hide some rows first.

Under "Element Format" you can adjust the image height and the distance between the images. In addition you can round off the corners or put a shadow on the pictures. In order to make the picture gallery even more interactive, you can also set so-called "hover effects", which are created when you move the mouse over the gallery or store start animations. Under "Frame format" you can change the background color of the gallery or add a frame. 


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