How can I see my homepage in my domain?

To be able to see your own homepage by calling your domain, you must have a so-called web hosting package for your homepage.

With this webhosting package you receive a certain number of storage space for your homepage, an internet address (domain), email addresses, statistics and much more depending on the package.

Your domain is then directly linked to the web hosting package. All you have to do afterwards is upload your finished homepage to the storage space. You can do this e.g. with an FTP program or e.g. Microsoft Frontpage.

Please note that you must transfer your data to the "/htdocs" directory on your FTP server and name the start file index.htm, index.html or index.php.

Important: Please note that the file name is completely "lower case".

Was ist ein FTP Zugang?

Wie kann ich das Hauptverzeichnis meiner Domain herausfinden/ändern?

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