How can I create my homepage?

Here you learn in 3 steps what you need to create your own homepage.

1. program to create special graphics

If your homepage should have a special layout, you can design it with a graphics program such as Paint Shop (for laymen) or Adobe Photoshop.

2. program to create the homepage

With a so-called website builder, you can comfortably put together your homepage with images and text in a "click and push" process and then upload it directly to the Internet. Most programs also offer a special input mask, via which you can directly edit the so-called source code (HTML). The most frequently used programs are:  Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Homesite or Web 2 Date.

3. program for uploading your homepage to the internet

Once you have created your homepage, you must transfer it to our web server (your domain) so that it can be viewed by everyone at your Internet address.

The transfer takes place with a so-called FTP program. This program has a similar structure to your file explorer in Windows. You can find special information about an FTP program (such as Total Commander) in our FAQ under -> Homepage, Hosting & FTP -> What is FTP access?

Most homepagemakers have now even integrated the transmission into the Internet.

4. with our website builder

With checkdomain's website builder you can create your new website with just a few clicks. Simply select the appropriate layout from high-quality design templates and adapt it individually to your wishes - done! Always at your side: Our Fantastic Support.

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