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When calling the domain a white page appears

If you access your domain name and get a white page, there may be several reasons for this.

First of all, please check whether you have activated a redirection or if you have the domain in
a web hosting package at Checkdomain. If the redirection refers to an external domain or
an external web hosting, please contact the respective provider.

As a first step you should check the content of the index.html or the index.php. Further
information can be found in the help section under Homepage, Hosting and FTP.

Important: If you have a webhosting package at Checkdomain and forward this webhosting package
to the domain it contains, the error in question will also occur! The domain
automatically refers to the webspace as soon as they merge. In order to correct the error, only
the forwarding has to be deleted here.

Another source of error can be that your website is still stored incorrectly in the cache
of your browser.
Delete the cache and the cookies in your browser and restart it if necessary.

In Firefox this is possible e.g. under Extras -> Settings... Data protection possible.

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