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The page is already reserved for a Checkdomain customer

This is the parking page.

This page appears when the domain is not assigned to a destination. There are several reasons
why the page is displayed, but you have to differentiate which webspace the domain
refers to. If you are referring to an external web space, please contact the respective provider and check there whether the registered forwarding is valid or whether the
link exists.

If the domain is in a web hosting package at Checkdomain, or is forwarded to this, please first
check whether you have entered the correct domain in the address line of your browser.
It can happen, for example, that you have accidentally swapped two letters and thus ended
up on the page of another check domain customer.

If the parking page still appears despite correct entry, please check whether the file
index.html, index.htm or index.php is available in the directory "/htdocs" on your FTP server.

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