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Mismatch between target UID

In this guide, you will learn how to avoid or fix an error similar to the following.

Mismatch between target UID (507) and UID (410)

Mismatch between target UID (1361) and UID (1963) of file...

This error often occurs in Content Management Systems (CMS).
The error occurs when data is uploaded with different FTP accesses (users).

In the example shown by the users "hgtfrhe" and "hgtfrhe1".

This error can only be corrected by deleting the last uploaded data and using the
previously also used access, uploads again.
It is recommended to use only the main FTP access to avoid this error.

Important note

Only the main FTP user has the right to upload PHP files, which are then executed by the web server. 

This is a security feature to prevent a third party from uploading PHP files to the server and executing them.

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