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What are the most important SSH commands?

Here you can find the most important SSH commands which can be used to use SSH via Terminal (Mac) or Putty (Windows).

A SSH access is available from the Premium 4.0 package.

Activate SSH access

Connect and Navigation

connect via SSH

Change to a specific directory
cd /htdocs/blog/...

One directory back
Display cd ..

Display directory content
ls -all

Editing (Files/Folders)

Create new empty file
touch filename

Create new directory
mkdir directory name

Edit file
pico filename
nano filename

Rename file/folder
mv filename-old filename-new

Move file
mv file name /htdocs/blog/

Move and rename a file
mv filename-old /htdocs/blog/new filename


Copy file/folder
cp filename /directory/filename

Delete file
rm File name

Recursively delete (including all subdirectories and files)
rm -r File name/folder name

Editing (MySQL database)

Exporting a database
mysqldump database name -uusername -p > filename.sql

Import a database
mysql database name -uusername -p < filename.sql

Connect to MySQL database
mysql -uUsername -p Database name

Upload/Download via SSH

The commands are executed locally (not connected via SSH)!

Upload a file
scp /localpath/test.txt ~/htdocs/filename

Download a file
scp ~/htdocs/test.txt /local path/filename

recursive upload/download
scp -r ....


Packing files/folders
tar cvzf filename.tar.gz filename/folder
zip file name/folder

Unpacking files/folders
tar xvzf filename.tar.gz
unzip filename

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