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Performing a Data Backup for a Homepage

It is always possible to make your own backup of your personal data. It is important that different backups can be made, e.g. from your homepage (webspace), from your database and from your e-mails.

The backup of your homepage will be explained in the next steps using FileZilla as an example.

Alternatively, you can also back up your data using the checkdomain backup system.

Data backup via the customer area

Step 1

If you want to save your homepage, e.g. because you have set up your first page and want to go on working with it, you can use FTP (e.g. via FileZilla) with your FTP data to login to your webspace and go to the directory, where the homepage is located (default is here /htdocs).

Step 2

If you now want to save your page on the webspace manually, you can create e.g. parallel to the "/htdocs" directory a second one for the directory "/htdocs" and name it for example "/Backup".

Select the root directory ("/"), right-click and select "Create directory".

In theory, you can now even create a subdirectory with the date when the data backup was made.

Step 3

Now simply copy the complete files and folders into the created folder and you can already fall back on your own backup at any time.

Data backup in our websitebuilder

In our websitebuilder, the data backup takes fully automatically place in the background. The system automatically backs up up to 20 backups. In addition, you are able to start your own manual backups, which makes sense if you want to make major changes to your website and want to save the current state beforehand.

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