PrestaShop - Manual installation

Simple operation, high user-friendliness: The PrestaShop e-commerce shop system offers you and your customers a great deal of service. 

Thanks to its modular structure, you can choose exactly the elements you need for your shop. In addition, there are numerous functions that make your work easier - such as detailed statistics, search engine optimization and your own CMS.

The PrestaShop system has a variety of functions, which can be easily operated via an easy-to-use

backend for the shop operator and a user-friendly frontend for the customer.

Step 1: Download PrestaShop software

Download the latest version of PrestaShop from the vendor's website.

Unzip the file (e.g. to a location where you can find it again.

Step 2: Connect via FTP and upload files

Next, open your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) and connect to your FTP access data, 

to your web hosting package.

Then locate the folder you unpacked. Now select all folders and files

from PrestaShop, which are located in the unpacked directory (e.g. /presta).

Copy all folders and files to the selected root directory, which is normally "/htdocs". 

Wait until the transfer is complete.

Step 3: Set up MySQL database

Create a MySQL database and remember the database name,

login name and password.

A description of how to create a MySQL database can be found at 

following link:

How do I create a MySQL database?

Step 4: Open your own domain in your browser and start the installation.

Now open your browser and enter your domain name. If everything has been installed correctly, a page will appear, 

which looks like in the picture below. Select the language here and check the box 

in front of the text "I agree with the above terms and conditions". 

Then click on the "Next" button at the bottom right.

Step 5: Enter MySQL access data

Enter your MySQL data in the following window. The server name is always localhost if you use 

have set up the database with us. Username, password and database name are specific. 

Once the data has been entered, click "Next" again.

Step 6: Configure shop

Now create your personal page settings and, if necessary, the logo.

In the lower area you assign yourself the access data to the administration area of your shop.

For security reasons, you can also have the login and password sent to you by e-mail by ticking the checkbox

at the bottom of the page.

After entering all data, click on the "Next" button.

Step 7: Complete the installation

You will be notified that the setup is complete, but you will also be prompted to do so,

to delete the folder "/install".

Please reconnect with your FTP software to your webhosting package.

Then delete the folder "install" as requested.

Step 8: Rename Admin Folder

Finally, change the name of the "admin" folder to any name you like.

Note that this is required to access the administration area of your shop.

You can then access this under "" (according to the name you gave the /admin folder). 

access the administration area and edit and design your shop.

Additional instructions for the installation

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