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Please note: special requirements apply for this domain
Remarks / Miscellaneous

The VAT-ID/ID-Card no. is required.

The specified registrant / administrative contact has to be based in a country of the European Union.

An escrow service is available for this domain extension.

Additional remarks

If the contact is part of the European economic area, a registration is possible as well.

Price / Month 1
Minimum term
12 months
Cancellation period
14 Days
Setup fee
Transfer fee
Update fee
Escrow service
€0.00 per year
Restore fee
  • 1 Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)

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All informations

Here you will find all information about features, services, support and billing of your domain.
From which region is .IT? Italy
How many characters must a .IT domain have? 3 Character
What is the maximum amount of characters a .IT domain can have? 63 Character
Can I use German umlauts (special characters) in the domain name? Yes
Can the domain name consist only of numbers? No
Letter of intent (what do you plan to use the domain for?) No
Where can I find the procurement rules of the registry? Link
Are there procurement rules for this domain? Yes
Do additional terms and conditions apply? Yes
Live registration
You will become the owner and admin-c of the .IT domain (domain owner).
Web interface to manage the .IT domain
Access to the DNS servers (e.g. A, NS, MX, CNAME, SPF records possible)
Pre-configured domain services (e.g. DynDNS, Sedo, Google, BloggerTM, MobileMe)
The real URL will be hidden on redirect.
Mail forwarding
Free E-mail support
You will become the owner and admin-c of the .IT domain (domain owner).
free support via our online help
Clearly designed control panel
Minimum term: 12 months, which will be charged in advance.
Notice period: at least 14 days before the expiry of the current registration period.
Payment method: PayPal, direct debit, credit card (Visa, Master, Amex). Payment by bank transfer is only possible for companies.

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Additional information about the .it-domain

Benvenuto in Italia: the domain ending .it

Italy is known for good food, wine, beautiful beaches, trendy fashion, lots of Antiquities and a bureaucracy that drives occasionally absurd flowers. That is unfortunately also feeling you would like to register a .it domain. As for Italy country-specific top level domain (ccTLD) some special rules apply. But don't worry: The checkdomain team helps of course, these bureaucratic hurdles to overcome.

The Italians Italy or Internet - .it is .it for both

The popularity of the domain ending explained not only from the big Internet craze. It results also from the fact that is .it on the one hand striking word games make the TLD - about make.it, love.it or eat.it - and on the other side of the abbreviation of IT for the Internet industry. A number of companies in this field therefore use the .it domain name as an alternative to the.com-domain, to the .net-domain or the .de-domain also.

The Registrar of the domain extension .it

That counts .it domain with 2.8 million registered domains to the ten most successful ccTLDs (as October 2015) and already introduced in December 1987 at the same time to the oldest - that was ending. Competent registry is nic.it. The contracting authority had demanded up to 2012 by all applicants for a .it domain to be able to demonstrate a residence or registered office in an EU country. Now this policy has been relaxed somewhat - among other things, now also Swiss and inhabitant of the Vatican can their personal .it domain register. What remains: the plus of bureaucracy. Registration required to leave your Passport. In addition Italian citizens must provide their tax number. The whole process must be delivered to the nic.it.

Register your .it domain

As I said: the registration an address with the domain name extension .it - checkdomain-support is is tied to some conditions but supportive to the page. To see whether your desired .it domain is available, please use our domain check and follow our tips to further registration procedures.

Good to know: A .it domain name must consist of at least three characters. The length must not exceed 63 characters. German umlauts and many other special drawing are admitted only of digits existing domain names, however, do not.

If you need more information to the .it domain name or maybe the hosting, the checkdomain support will assist you. Send us an email, call us or sign up via the chat - our team know guarantees the solution!

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