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Getting your internet address up and running isn't the easiest task as a lot of memorable domain names are already taken. A first step on the way to your own domain is to verify which domains are still free - no problem with a little help from checkdomain's search feature.

All you need to do is enter your preferred domain name and extension into our domain check. Alternatively, you can click on a selection of different extensions or verify several domains at the same time.

Searching for free domains will only take a couple of seconds. checkdomain gives you a list of available domains as well as further information about pricing, validity and the specifics of the relevant registry.

It might be helpful to keep your search flexible when checking for free domains. One possibility is to modify the desired domain name: while is surely taken, names such as or might still be available

If you check free domains, it can be helpful to make the search as flexible as possible. For example, playing with desired domain name., for example, has of course long been taken. But what about or with

In addition to the well-known top-level domains (such as the .com and .de domain), checkdomain also offers a large selection of less prevalent domain extensions, making it easier to find a free domain. You can find these often overlooked domains in the input mask!

While checkdomain is happy to help you search for and find free domains, we also assist with the registration of any available domains.

Registering a domain online only requires a few simple clicks. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions.

Checkdomain registers the desired domain with the responsible registry, assigns a so-called IP address and enters the IP number and the newly secured Internet domain in the name server.

Checkdomain registers the desired domain with the relevant registry, issues a so-called IP address and enters the IP number and the newly secured internet domain into the name server.

If you want an accessible internet address, you will also need a so-called hosting plan. Checkdomain offers plans of various sizes to suit your exact needs.

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Quickly find your new domain

  • Is your perfect domain name still available? Our domain check finds it out immediately.
  • Looking for a specific domain ending? Just add it to your domain check!
  • Looking for domain extensions from a particular topic? Use our category selector!

Domains worldwide


  • .at
  • .ch
  • .de
  • .eu
  • .fr
  • .it
  • .nl
  • .uk
  • .es
  • .pl
  • .me
  • .li


  • .ae
  • .cn
  • .hk
  • .in
  • .io
  • .jp
  • .my
  • .la
  • .sg
  • .tw
  • .ps


  • .biz
  • .com
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .net
  • .org
  • .travel
  • .xxx
  • .pro
  • .jobs
  • .name
  • .aero

New domain extensions

  • .online
  • .sale
  • .reise
  • .hotel
  • .xyz
  • .ruhr
  • .restaurant
  • .coupon
  • .video
  • .bayern
  • .berlin
  • .hamburg
  • .koeln
  • .london
  • .reisen
  • .saarland
  • .wien
  • .bio
  • .business
  • .events
  • .haus
  • .immo
  • .immobilien
  • .international
  • .versicherung

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