.com.cn Domain (China)

  • only €3.90 per month
  • €0.00 setup fee
  • Many different payment methods
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  • Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)

Additional information about the domain

Price / Month
12 months
Cancellation period
35 Days
Setup costs
Transfer fee
Restore fee
Fee for owner change
  • Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)
Please note: special requirements apply for this domain

Additional remarks

The following documents are needed before we can start the registration:

Companies: Excerpt from the commercial register.

Individuals: Double-sided color copy of the ID Card.

We can not offer registrations for registrants in China and Hong-Kong.

Important notes:

  1. Applicants must provide authentic, accurate and complete documentation
  2. Applicants must confirm to have read and understood CNNIC's registration rules and policiesApplicants must adhere to all policies governing the contents of the website(s) under the domain name
  3. In case the domain name is used for a website where the webserver is located in mainland China, a valid ICP number must be obtained from MIIT and provided to CNNIC through the registrar
  4. Applicants must accept full responsibility for the suspension of the domain name or any consequences caused by violations of the applicants commitments, and understand that CNNIC and checkdomain undertake no responsibility in the event that it needs to interrupt the usage of the domain name.

Registrant may not register or use a domain name that is deemed by CNNIC to: Be against the basic principles prescribed in the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of China (“PRC”) Jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, intend to overturn the government, or disrupt of state integrity of the PRC Harm national honor and national interests of the PRC Instigate hostility or discrimination between different nationalities, or disrupt the national solidarity of the PRC Violate the PRC’s religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition Spread rumours, disturb public order or disrupt social stability of the PRC Spread pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes in the PRC Insult, libel against others and infringe other people' s legal rights and interests in the PRC or Take any other action prohibited in laws, rules and administrative regulations of the PRC.

.com.cn Domain properties

From which region is .COM.CN? China commercial
How many characters must a .COM.CN domain have? 3 Character
What is the maximum amount of characters a .COM.CN domain can have? 63 Character
Can I use German umlauts (special characters) in the domain name? No
Can the domain name consist only of numbers? No
Letter of intent (what do you plan to use the domain for?) No
Where can I find the procurement rules of the registry? Link
Are there procurement rules for this domain? Yes
Do additional terms and conditions apply? Yes


  • Live registration
  • You will become the owner and admin-c of the .COM.CN domain (domain owner).
  • Web interface to manage the .COM.CN domain
  • Access to the DNS servers (e.g. A, NS, MX, CNAME, SPF records possible)
  • Pre-configured domain services (e.g. DynDNS, Sedo, Google, BloggerTM, MobileMe)
  • Subdomains
  • Domain forwarding
  • The real URL will be hidden on redirect.
  • Mail forwarding

Service and support

  • Free E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • free support via our online help
  • Clearly designed control panel


  • Minimum term: 12 months, which will be charged in advance.
  • Notice period: at least 35 days before the expiry of the current registration period.
  • Payment method: PayPal, direct debit, credit card (Visa, Master, Amex). Payment by bank transfer is only possible for companies.

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