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Additional information about the domain

Price / Month
12 months
Cancellation period
14 Days
Setup costs
Transfer fee
Update fee
Restore fee
Fee for owner change
  • Prices include 19% VAT (Germany)
Please note: special requirements apply for this domain

Additional remarks

Registration term restarts after owner change.

.ch Domain properties

From which region is .CH? Switzerland
How many characters must a .CH domain have? 3 Character
What is the maximum amount of characters a .CH domain can have? 63 Character
Can I use German umlauts (special characters) in the domain name? Yes
Can the domain name consist only of numbers? No
Letter of intent (what do you plan to use the domain for?) No
Where can I find the procurement rules of the registry? Link
Are there procurement rules for this domain? Yes
Do additional terms and conditions apply? Yes


  • Live registration
  • You will become the owner and admin-c of the .CH domain (domain owner).
  • Web interface to manage the .CH domain
  • Access to the DNS servers (e.g. A, NS, MX, CNAME, SPF records possible)
  • Pre-configured domain services (e.g. DynDNS, Sedo, Google, BloggerTM, MobileMe)
  • Subdomains
  • Domain forwarding
  • The real URL will be hidden on redirect.
  • Mail forwarding

Service and support

  • Free E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • free support via our online help
  • Clearly designed control panel


  • Minimum term: 12 months, which will be charged in advance.
  • Notice period: at least 14 days before the expiry of the current registration period.
  • Payment method: PayPal, direct debit, credit card (Visa, Master, Amex). Payment by bank transfer is only possible for companies.

Additional information about the .ch-domain

The birthplace of the WWW: the Swiss domain extension .ch

Chocolate and cheese, banks and big mountains - you're bound to think of these when it comes to Switzerland. But did you know that Switzerland also played an important role in the development of the internet? If you did, award yourself with some Swiss chocolate. If not, here's a different kind of tidbit: In 1989, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee laid the groundwork for the World Wide Web at the CERN institute in Geneva. The *country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Switzerland** dates back even further, as the .ch domain was introduced in May 1987.

A ccTLD with a rich history: the .ch domain

In case you've always wondered why CH is used as an abbreviation for Switzerland, allow us to help you out. CH derives from the Latin Confoederatio Helvetica, translated as Swiss Confederation. The .ch domain was registered by university professor Bernhard Plattner - a seemingly hassle-free procedure in 1987. In an interview, he went on to state that all they needed to do to procure the rights to .ch was to identify themselves as the specialists responsible for computer networks in Switzerland. In fact, the ccTLD .ch was initially intended for exclusive use by universities, scientists and companies. But although the WWW was first created in an attempt to cope with the chaos reigning in scientific fields, its rapid development led to the domain extension being made available to the general public. Of course, the .ch domain is still most attractive to the Swiss and any companies operating in Switzerland. Currently, 1.96 million .ch domains have been registered (as of summer 2015).

The registry for .ch domains

The SWITCH foundation is in charge of management and technical operation of the domain extension .ch. When Bernhard Plattner became general manager of the newly established registry, he transferred the country code to the foundation. Up until the end of 2014, SWITCH dealt directly with .ch domains - however, it had to cease these operations after years of legal battles with different registrars. Because of this, .ch domains can only be registered via various external registrars - including checkdomain. Existing domains, which were once registered with SWITCH, needed to be transferred to a different registrar. Apart from managing the .ch domain, SWITCH is also in charge of the ccTLD .li from Liechtenstein, as well as the new top-level domain (nTLD) .swiss.

How to register your .ch domain

Addresses with a domain ending in .ch are available to anyone who's interested – neither residence nor company headquarters in Switzerland are required. Our domain search makes it easy to find the domain of your liking. In addition, we supply you with any necessary details about legal matters, price and duration - your peace of mind is guaranteed.

And just so you know: If you want to secure a .ch domain, you will need a domain name of no less than three characters, and no more than 63. While German umlauts are allowed, a domain name made up of nothing but numbers is not.

If you require further information about .ch domains or web hosting on checkdomain, our support team would be happy to hear from you. Just get in touch via email, chat, phone or any of the usual social media channels.

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