Provider change from Alfahosting to checkdomain

In this tutorial you will learn how to prepare a provider change from Alfahosting to checkdomain.

You can only apply for an authcode with Alfahosting Online if you have previously activated online cancellation.


To do this, select "My contracts -> Domains" from the menu on the left. 


In the domain overview, tick the box for the domain for which you need the Authcode, click on the "Cancel marked domain" button and then select Transfer domain (Request AuthCode).


Confirm this by clicking on "Request confirmation mail".


Alternatively, the authcode can be requested using the form.


For this you can use our form, which you can find here.



Send the completed and signed form scanned in by e-mail to, by fax to +49 (345) 680 04 99 or by post to:


Alfahosting GmbH

Ankerstraße 3b

06108 Halle (Saale)06108 Hall (Saale)

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