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Transfer of the remaining term in case of a provider change

For domain transfers with the domain extensions *.COM, *.NET, *.ORG, *.INFO, *.BIZ, *.MOBI, *.ASIA, *.CH, *.EU and *.LI, we can take over the remaining term. We take over the remaining term of the domain completely from your old provider, if the following condition is fulfilled:

In order for us to take over the term of the domain from your old provider, the domain must have been registered more than 45 days after the extension of the term ("Renew") or 60 days after a new registration with your old provider.

In the event of a successful provider change to, the domain will be calculated using the remaining term plus the first term of the domain.

Example: You have on 01.01.

On 01.07.2012, you registered a corresponding domain with another provider (e.g. and request to take over the domain from your old provider by changing your provider. The provider change for the domain will be successfully completed on 18.10.2013 and the domain has been successfully transferred to us. The expiry of the 45-day period ("grace period") has been adhered to (60-day period as well, since the domain in the example had already been registered for more than one year).

This results in the following accounting period: 18.10.2013 - 30.06.2015

(End date by taking over the old duration of the domain plus 12 months)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine when your domain was last renewed with other providers, so we cannot inform you in advance whether your domain still falls within the 45-day period ("grace period"). However, you can ask your current provider about this and plan your provider change to accordingly.


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