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Release for provider change/termination not effected

Unfortunately, it happens that notices of termination do not reach us or reach us in a form that makes it impossible for us to 

to have the domain(s) deleted by the respective registry or to release it for a Provider Change (KK). 

We would like to expressly emphasize that we have no interest in requesting the deletion of a domain or are unable to carry out the release for Provider Change (KK), but due to the award guidelines for 

Domains is obliged in case of doubt to be able to prove that we delete a domain or to change the provider. 

(KK) were allowed to release.

Possible reasons why a domain deletion or a release for Provider Change (KK) could fail:

General reasons:


  • The person in the termination is not our contractual partner.
  • No domain is listed in the domain termination notice. Even if you only have one domain at Checkdomain, the complete domain name must be included in the cancellation, since the registry of the domain can request proof at any time.
  • The domain termination notice states "All (my) domains". The domains must be listed with the complete domain name. You can list several complete domain names in one cancellation. This is no problem as long as it is clearly recognizable which complete domain(s) it is.
  • No full domain name(s) are listed in the domain termination notice. Each full domain name consists of the name and a domain extension (TLD) and this full domain name must also be listed in the termination - if there are several domains in one termination, each domain name must be listed completely. A "... cancel my domain(s) 'abcd' hereby ..." is not sufficient. is not sufficient, because it is not clear which complete domain(s) it is (e.g. 'abcd').
  • It was cancelled "On behalf". Only a domain holder can cancel the domain, because by cancelling the domain he loses his holder status and we have to make sure that the domain holder really wants this.



Sorry topic "Post":


  • If you cancel by mail, we cannot guarantee that the mail will actually reach us. We inform you by email always about a domain termination. If this email does not arrive, your letter has not reached us! (see also note at the end of this page)
  • If you want to make sure that your letter has arrived, send it by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. This will cost you a little more postage, but you will also be on the safe side.


 If you have cancelled by fax:


  • Please make sure that you send your domain deletion or approval to our fax number (+49 451 7099727). Have sent a Provider Change.
  • Do not rely on non-binding statements from third parties who tell you that you have forwarded your cancellation to us. Have a receipt (transmission report) given to you, because we will then verify whether and in what form we received a fax. Statements like "about three weeks ago must have been that" do NOT help!
  • Please make sure that you have inserted the page(s) correctly into your fax machine. It has happened more than once, that we were given white pages and then accused of having given notice arbitrarily. A transmission report states that you have faxed something to us, but not as we do. arrived.
  • Make sure that your fax machine is actually working. Unfortunately, it CAN happen that we send faxes with pages of the following kind:

  • white pages
  • "in the Moorse alphabet"

  • only with distorted lines
  • the page(s) are fragmentary
  • are simply illegible



 In these cases the cancellation fails because it is impossible for us to read the fax.


Note: Any cancellation of a domain - no matter whether this is a domain deletion or a release to the provider change - we confirm explicitly by email.


If, for whatever reason, you do not receive an email due to your cancellation of a domain, please call and ask if we have received your cancellation! Unfortunately, the other way around is not possible.

If you do not receive a notice of termination, there is no reason for us to call you - otherwise we would have to call you every week and ask whether you have possibly sent a notice of termination to us. On the one hand, this is neither a matter of personnel, nor a financial matter and on the other hand 99,9% of all customers would feel disturbed at the latest after the third week - what we don't want.


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