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Reasons and Costs for a Debit Reverse Transaction

Reasons for a chargeback reversal

A return debit entry can be made for the following reasons:

a. You object to the debit from your account 

b. Your account is not covered and your bank rejects the debit.

c. Your account has expired


If a direct debit is returned, the invoice in question becomes due again and you must pay it by bank transfer.

If you would like us to debit the affected invoice again by direct debit, you can do so via your personal

customer area under the "Bank details" item, enter a current account details so that the direct debit procedure is active again for the coming invoices.

You can also issue debit memo orders for open invoices if no debit memo exists yet.


Costs for a debit memo reversal posting

We charge 6.90 Euro incl. 19% VAT for a return debit note.


What do the costs consist of?

Banks usually charge a fee of 4.50 Euro plus VAT for a direct debit reversal (5.36 Euro plus VAT). (5.36 Euro incl. VAT). 

We incure a workload which consists of the booking costs, the personnel costs, paper and letter costs, as well as the postage costs (depending on the country between 0.62 Euro and 0.80 Euro).


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