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How do I change the invoice type / shipping method?

The invoice can be sent at any time in your customer area on "by e-mail", "by letter post and e-mail" or "letter invoice (can be viewed online)".

If you send the invoice by post, you will have to pay additional shipping costs. In this manual you will learn how to change the invoice dispatch.


Step 1

On our homepage at, click on My Login at the top right and select "Customer Area" to log in.

You will reach the login form where you enter your customer number or e-mail address and your customer password and then click on the "Login" button.


Step 2

You are now in your customer area. In the left navigation click on the navigation point "Invoices".


Step 3

You will now see your invoice overview. Select the desired invoice type from the pull-down menu,

"Online invoice (by letter post and e-mail)"...


...or "Letter invoice (can be viewed online)".


If you change the type of invoice from "postal invoice" to "online invoice (by e-mail)", you will receive an invoice with the following information in the 

Directly after the connection there is a confirmation that the invoice type has been changed and the 4th step is omitted.


Step 4

Afterwards the following information appears about the costs for the invoice dispatch by post.

If you agree, click on the "Change" button here.

At the end a confirmation message appears that the invoice dispatch is accordingly for future invoices was converted to shipping by mail.


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