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How can I perform a data backup for my e-mails?

It is possible to back up your personal data yourself at any time. Important here is the different backups can be made, e.g. of your homepage (webspace), from your database and from your emails.

The backup of your e-mails is explained in the next steps in Thunderbird as an example.

Alternatively, you can back up your data via the checkdomain backup system.

Data backup via the customer area

Step 1

The easiest way to secure your e-mails is to use a mail software like the free Thunderbird. First of all the difference between POP3 and IMAP:

With POP3, the e-mails are downloaded from the server to your computer and disappear in of the rule from the server.

With IMAP, e-mails are read, processed and sent directly on the server. Means: If you look at an e-mail, it is still on the server. If you delete an e-mail, it disappears also on the server.

With every mail software known to us, there is the possibility to send the message e.g. when retrieving it via POP3 to leave the messages on the server and usually also to specify a time period, after how many days the mails should be deleted on the server side.

With the Thunderbird, you can find the setting by selecting "Account settings..." under the "Extras" tab.

Step 2

If you see your mailbox, there is a dot under it with the name "Server settings" here appears the dot "Leave message on the server".

IMPORTANT: Please note that the e-mail memory of a mailbox can also reach its limits and, if it is full, it may no longer be possible to deliver e-mails.

Step 3

Here it is important to delete unimportant mails from time to time or to move them to a local folder via Thunderbird. This can be done, for example, by creating a folder called Backup.

Step 4

Now you can select the desired emails and copy them to the backup folder.

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