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Domain check by checkdomain

How does the domain check work?

You're all set to get started with your own website, and you've even found the perfect name. But how do you know if your desired address is still available?

Checkdomain offers a straightforward solution for checking your domain: Simply enter the chosen name and domain extension - also known as the top-level domain - into our designated search bar.

Domains and Domaincheck explained in 1:48 minutes

The domain check happens in real time, giving you results in just a few seconds. Additional information about registration, country-specific features and pricing will also be provided. If you've chosen a popular top-level domain such as the .com or .de domain extension, chances of your domain being unavailable are higher.

Avoid these negative results by considering less obvious alternatives which suit your purposes. If you run a company website, you might want to choose .biz instead of .com. If you're based in the European Union, the .eu domain is a great alternative to national top-level domains.

While checkdomain offers all the well-known domain extensions, we also provide you with more unusual country domains - you can choose from around 800 domain extensions from all over the world. A large selection of new domain extensions is also available. All you need to do is use our domain check and find the one that is right for you! checkdomain will provide you with information on every possible option, if required.

Get started with our domain check!

If your domain check was successful, you move on to the next step: registration. While you can opt to go through the respective registry, this is often more time-consuming and quite a bit more expensive than using services by providers like checkdomain. Not only do we save you a lot of hassle by taking most of the paperwork off your back, we also offer services far beyond that.

This includes our comprehensive hosting plans which are suitable for beginners, advanced users and big companies alike. A hosting plan is the foundation of your internet presence, providing you with the technical infrastructure necessary for setting up a website or sending and receiving emails.

We hope your domain check is successful and we are at your service if you have any questions or requests!

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  • Is your perfect domain name still available? Our domain check finds it out immediately.
  • Looking for a specific domain ending? Just add it to your domain check!
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