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What is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

A so-called CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a string of characters that is scrambled for the viewer.

This CSR is required to obtain an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority to encrypt the data traffic between one's own website and the customer. It contains the data provided by the requester, such as his internet address, his address, etc.

In order to create such a CSR you need either your own server or a corresponding software. If you do not have such a certificate, you can have it created by us, but we strongly recommend that you always create the certificate directly on the server on which the certificate is installed.

If you create a so-called CSR, you create a public key that contains the data for the application for certification and a private key. The public key is sent to the certification authority for certification. The private key remains with the customer and is directly connected to the SSL certificate after successful certification.

If the certification authority confirms the CSR (public key), this process is also called digital signature.

The certification creates a new string of characters that is then linked to the customer's server with the private key and IP address.


Important note

You can have this whole process completely done by us. If you want to secure your website or shop by SSL and the whole thing is in a web hosting with us, you only need to order the appropriate certificate from us. We do the rest for you.


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