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Sell domain through SedoMLS

In this tutorial you will learn how to sell your domains through SedoMLS.

Important: The security of your data and domains is very important to us. Therefore you have to activate SedoMLS in your customer area first.

Step 1

On our homepage at click on "Login" in the top right corner to log in to your customer area.

You will reach the login form where you enter your customer login or e-mail address and your customer password and then click on the "Login" button.

Step 2

You are now in your customer area. In the left navigation click on the navigation point "Domains -> Sell Domains".

Step 3

First, activate SedoMLS using the slider in the upper right corner

Then click on the "Sign in to Sedo" button to log into your Sedo account.

Step 4

Log in with your Sedo access data or create a new customer account if you have not yet registered with Sedo.

Step 5

After successfully logging in to your Sedo account, you will get a list of your domains registered with checkdomain. Check the box in front of the domain names you want to sell through Sedo.

Step 6

Now click on the button below and select "Add Domains to Marketplace and Premium Network".

Step 7

You will now be redirected to Sedo. There you can accept the suggested price for your domain or adjust it to the desired amount.

Then confirm the SedoMLS Premium AGB by checking the box in front of the text.

Complete the process by clicking the "Offer my domains through SedoMLS Premium" button.

Your selected domains are now listed for sale at Sedo and Sedo Premium Partners.


Supported Domain Endings

The following domain extensions can be offered for sale via the SedoMLS function. (Status: May 2016)

All other domain extensions, such as domains which are within a blocking period of the respective registry, cannot be offered for sale via SedoMLS!

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