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Order a domain and webhosting-package at checkdomain

Learn how to register a domain with webhosting at

Step 1

Enter your desired domainname on our homepage.

You can directly enter an extension or search for different variants. In the pulldown-menu you have the possibility to search for the top 20 domains or retrict the search to certain areas such as europe, asia or international.

Confirm your input by click on the button "check domain". If you already know, which domain extension you want. You can check multiple domainnames at the same time for availibility by click on "Bulk check".

On use of the Bulk check the domainname including the extension must be entered.Confirm your entries by clicking on the button "check domain".

Step 2

You will recieve the following screen:

The available domains are shown now. Domains that have the status "free", can be ordered. Use the checkbox to select the domains you want to order. Domains with the status "registered" are no longer available. Are you already the domainholder of one of the allocated domains? Then you can use the checkbox to start a providerchange for your domain to checkdomain. Note that the domain first must be released for a transfer and possibly a authorisationcode is needed. If no checkbox is shown the domain is already hosted at checkdomain.

Confirm your selection by click on the button "Next".

Step 3

If you also need a Hosting package for your website or mailboxes click on "Hosting" in the top blue bar.

You are taken to the overview of our webhosting packages, select the package by click on the "Add to cart" button.

Step 4

Now your shopping cart appears:

Here you can see you selected domain/s in an overview. You have the possibiliy to delete domain/s or a webhosting package from your shopping cart or add domain/s to an existing webhosting package.

Note, that at least on domain must be added to the webhosting package.

Confirm your entries by clicking on "Continue to checkout".

Step 5

You see the following screen:

If you are already a customer at enter your credentials and click on the button "Log in".

If you are a new customer enter your personal details in the form on the right together with a password you want to use for your login and click on "Next" to complete the order.

Optional Step

If you recieved a voucher code from us, you can enter this code at the end of the order process in the appropiate text box. Click on the buttom "redeem" to use the voucher code.

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