Add domain to your Hosting

Laern how to add adomain to your Hosting-package.

Note: It may take 2 - 4 hours till the domain is active in your Hosting-package.

Step 1

Log in to your customer area and click on "Hosting" in the left navigation bar.

Step 2

In your Hosting overview click on "Add / remove domains".

Step 3

Now click on the button "Add a new domain".

In the next step, you whether chosse if you want to add an existing domain, a new domain or an external to your hosting. In our example, we want to add an existing domain to the hosting, click the "Add existing domain" button.

Now select the desired domain and include the domain to your hosting by click on "add domain".

Step 4

The following screen appears:

Here you can select whether the domain point to the main folder (/htdocs) of your hosting-package, a separate folder should be created or the domain should be redirected to another domain.

Note: A separate folder (individual folder) must be chosen if the domain should not show the same website like the other domain/s in your Hosting.

Adding external domains to your webhosting, generate a one time fee. If this is the case, the costs will be displayed.

Finally, confirm that you have read the above instructions, by setting the appropiate hook before the text.

Confirm your entries by click on "Save".

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  • .at
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  • .de
  • .eu
  • .fr
  • .it
  • .nl
  • .uk
  • .es
  • .pl
  • .me
  • .li


  • .ae
  • .cn
  • .hk
  • .in
  • .io
  • .jp
  • .my
  • .la
  • .sg
  • .tw
  • .ps


  • .biz
  • .com
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .net
  • .org
  • .travel
  • .xxx
  • .pro
  • .jobs
  • .name
  • .aero

New domain extensions

  • .online
  • .sale
  • .reise
  • .hotel
  • .xyz
  • .ruhr
  • .restaurant
  • .coupon
  • .video
  • .bayern
  • .berlin
  • .hamburg
  • .koeln
  • .london
  • .reisen
  • .saarland
  • .wien
  • .bio
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  • .events
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