checkdomain trust seals

checkdomain guarantees high data security AND sustainability - thanks to servers located in Germany and data centers powered by 100% green energy.

100% secure: Your personal data

The NSA surveillance scandal was the last straw to make one thing abundantly clear to customers: the location of their web servers is crucial for the safety of their data. In Germany, data protection is covered by the country's fundamental rights. Thanks to the right to informational self-determination (German: Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung), each and every individual can decide for themselves about the disclosure and use of their personal data.

This is why we rely on "web hosting made in Germany" - along with the high standards in data privacy and protection that go hand in hand with it. As long as no criminal offence has occurred, there is no obligation to divulge information and authorities have no right to access customers' data. If, however, a server is located in the US, the customer automatically agrees to the transfer of their data across the border, giving up their German data protection rights in the process.

It doesn't have to be this way, however. "Our seal servers located in Germany lets our customers know that our servers are in Germany, which is why German privacy laws apply exclusively", Daniel Hagemeier and Marcel Chorengel, the Managing Director of the checkdomain GmbH, explains. Simply put: Our data, as well as any user data, is 100% safe!

Sustainability guaranteed: Server energy from renewable sources

Our ecological footprint needs to be decreased: That is why the web site is hosted on servers which are exclusively operated with green energy. In other words, the energy for the datacenter comes from renewable sources – such as wind and hydroenergy.

Our webhoster, checkdomain, ensures that our servers are not only performant but energy efficient as well. This includes investing into future-oriented technologies that combine performance with sustainability. For us as customer this means that we are automatically contributing to protect the environment.